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This  Tremendous Lover

It is defined in the Preface that the main objective behind the conception of This Tremendous Lover was not to have the book serve as a theological exposition of the doctrine of the Mystical Body, but to show how the doctrine can be used as the basis of our spiritual life: to draw from it ideals and principles that will serve to impel this profound spirituality in the souls of ordinary Christians.

In other words, this book is an analogy of the love story of God and man: proving that our spiritual life is a partnership of love between God and man summed up in one word: Christ.

Our own love story.

Dom Eugene Boylan does not hypothesise here; rather he exemplifies the truth that our love of God lies in a grace-aided will, and seldom involves sense-emotion or feeling. He leaves behind for us the footprints we must step into and follow in order to develop a union with God – this union which is just not a meeting of lovers but an eternal union.

In This Tremendous Lover, Dom Boylan imparts us with the blueprints on how we are to cooperate with our Lord in achieving His plans for our happiness. We first have to searchingly consider the aspects of the fall of Adam and Eve as this is our own story, before we can fully understand the re-birth of the whole human race and our partnership with Christ through the maternity of Mary.

All love demands union, and Dom Boylan paves the way for us to discern our membership in Christ through his poignant and emotionally-awakening pages on humility, obedience, abandonment and prayer.

“Our holiness in spite of our misery is the glory of His mercy - for Christ is our ALL.”

- This Tremendous Lover

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Size: 14/21 cm

Pages : 356

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