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WAY of the CROSS

Tradition has it that, for the love of Her Son, Our Lady was unable to live without the constant contemplation of His sufferings through following His path to Calvary with tears of compassion.  Our Blessed Mother would sit down at each Station, and renew the mystery of its significance in her bleeding heart, while praising the Lord for His love with tears of compassion.


Is it not fitting then that we should follow in Our Lady's footsteps? The "The Way of the Cross" booklet is a must for every household and a perfect companion during the Via Dolorosa/Via Crucis pilgrimage in Jerusalem.


The practice of praying The Way of the Cross is both sanctifying and salutary for those who meditate on the Passion and it is very powerful to deliver souls from purgatory.


Being Knights of the Immaculata, what better way to pray than to accompany the Mother of our God along the Way of the Cross of Her Beloved Son?

The newly-launched colored booklet, The Way of the Cross,  makes it easy for devotees to pray and meditate lovingly on the colored images that remind them of the scenes of Our Lord’s Passion. The prayers attached to each station follow the method by St. Alphonsus Liguori and St Francis  and are widely used in various Traditional Catholic chapels/mass centers worldwide.

Let us follow the pathway which our Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother Mary had to follow from Jerusalem to Mt. Calvary, and gain numerous indulgences for the Church, our family, friends and the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

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Pages: 44

Size: A6 11/15 cm

Weight : 60gm

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