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The English speaking part of the world has had difficulties in the past accessing books, articles and personal notes written in the profound power and simplicity of St Maximilian Kolbe as these books were originally written in either Italian or Polish. However, we now have immediate access to some of these immense treasures through a compilation of a few, but potent, selection of his words in "She Leadeth Me." Let us begin this book by imagining that we are now seated at the table with St Maximilian Kolbe himself, perhaps after our Consecration, as we start one of the greatest lessons in the mysteries of our faith.


Each of the 12 chapters in "She Leadeth Me" contains moving and comforting (to the point of poignancy at times) writings of the Saint which is from an invaluable source of his doctrine. They are 15a precious witness of his personal teachings to his closest disciples, now made available to us.


It details the necessity of prayer and how we must subject ourselves to be mere instruments in the hands of our Blessed Mother so that we can be guided by Her in the most perfect way. We also ponder the virtues of obedience as we unite our will to Hers.


Exceptionally, throughout the entire book, St Maximilian convinces the reader to recognise their total dependence on the Blessed Mother. As he aptly puts it, it is not a matter of kneeling down a long time and praying, it is all about the relationship of a child to its mother.

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No of pages : 76

Weight : 110 gm

Size   : 12.5/17.5 cm

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