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What Jesus owes His Mother

Catholic doctrine and the indisputable truth states that Jesus Christ did
not have a human biological father. The humanity of Our Lord Jesus Christ was constituted by the mystery of the generation of the human being which was produced jointly by the Holy Ghost and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hence it follows that all the material elements that went to the forming of the body of Jesus came exclusively from His Mother Mary.
It was necessary that the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ had to be perfect because Man is formed of the substantial union of both body and soul.
Additionally, since all souls are equal, and since the quality of the body makes the difference in souls, it was of great importance that Our Lord’s body should be entirely perfect as a formed body destined to be united with his soul.
This short, easy-to-read booklet runs readers through the various aspects of how the Blessed Virgin Mary’s body had to be perfect since it was to provide all the matter from which the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, was formed. The humanity of Jesus precisely as a human nature, was extraordinary and due to the fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ had an extraordinary Mother.

From Her fiat, “Behold the Handmaid of the Lord…”
that was the Blessed Virgin Mary’s consent to be the Mother of the God-Man, we can conclude the truth of the first part of the Ave Maria, “Blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.”

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