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Traditional Catholic Prayers  - Our  Father

Besides the Sacraments, prayer is another means of obtaining God's grace (Baltimore Catechism: Lesson 28; 303). Children should at a very early age be taught to lift up their mind and their hearts to God to adore Him, to thank Him for His benefits, to ask His forgiveness and to beg of Him all the graces we need whether for soul or body.


"Our Lord's Prayer" is a prayer book designed with the needs of children in mind. As part of the Traditional Catholic Prayers series, the prayer book offers Our Lord's Prayer in 6 languages: Latin, French, English, Spanish , German and Mandarin.

Printed in child-friendly paper and dimensions, complete with large, attractive and colourful words and pictures (paintings), the child will be able to pray with attention and a great desire to please Our Lord.


Pages : 28

Size: B5  18/25 cm

Weight : 120 gm

Price:  $9 

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