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Book Review

MI -Short Handbook for Moderators and coordinators

This succinct yet informative handbook provides readers a better appreciation of the raison d’etre for the Militia Immaculatae and its significance in every knight’s life. A noteworthy thought would be to distinguish the MI from other Marian movements but also show the symbiotic relationship the MI has in enhancing these existing Marian movements and vice versa. Leaders, moderators and coordinators are especially encouraged to peruse through this book in its entirety in order to have a better understanding of what they have to do to ensure the flourishing and sustainability of the MI in their designated areas. That being said, ordinary knights are welcome as another target audience of this book in order to comprehend the importance of the MI as articulated by St Maximilian Kolbe to glorify God through the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy as well as to fight (hence members are “knights”) in the battle against the devil for the salvation of souls. Hence, a chapter dedicated to the objections to the MI and the explanations to these objections would be very useful for every knight and potential knight in their apostolate for the Immaculate Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of God, and our Mother also.

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Pages: 96

Size:  14/21 cm 


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