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"Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between God and humanity; the Immaculata is the only Mediatrix between Jesus and humanity; and we shall be happy mediators between the Immaculata and souls all over the world. What a beautiful task! Is it not?" ~ St Maximilian Kolbe, Nagasaki, 6 April, 1934


Firstly, we must understand what a mediator does. It is more than just being the middle-person.  To mediate is to intervene and settle a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.  Since Mary was closely associated with the Saviour in the initial phase of the struggle with the devil, and in the complete victory over him, Mary is now associated in the redemption and in the distribution of acquired graces.


"The Immaculata, Mediatrix of all Graces" asserts the various truths about Our Lady's role in how She mediates the Divine Grace, through the positive data attained from the beginning of time to the 16th century and right to the present time. The Book contains a treasure trove of declarations on the truth of Mary's universal mediation, proclaimed by Saints, Popes, Doctors of the Church and from Sacred Scripture and Liturgy. It is a compendium worth having in every household as it is vital for us to recognise that no grace comes from heaven without passing through Her hands.

No of pages : 56

Weight : 140

Size   : 14./21 cm

No. og Pages :56

Weight; 135 gms

Size: 14/21 cm

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