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Who are you, O Immaculata?

Quae est ista?" Who can she possibly be? Who are you, O Immaculata? Are we even allowed to address Our Lady in this manner?

Fr Schmidberger, SSPX, in the foreword to this exceptional book, tells us that the burning issue of devotion to Our Lady is embedded in each Catholic. And this natural consciousness within us sets the tone of our understanding as we voyage through “Who Are You, O Immaculata”, in our quest to deepen our absorption of God's plan for governing the world and His great plan of creation.

At the start of the book, the essential law of action and reaction is explained in a theoretical as well as empirical manner. This leaves the reader in awe, and without a doubt, of why the creation of our Most Blessed Mother was the most august among all other creations, after the humanity of Our Lord and Saviour. Probing questions we never thought to ponder on are profoundly explored in “Who Are You, O Immaculata”: questions which were necessary for us to ask in order to fully understand the deep, abiding and covenantal love our Creator had for us as He deigned it necessary to create us out of His supreme love for us

“Who Are You, O Immaculata” demonstrate how our life in the Immaculata must henceforth be the new and inexorable law of life.

The Book does not leave us clueless as to how to attain this obligatory aspect in our daily living. Instead it serves as an authoritative and yet, tender, educator in helping us reform all the facets of our life by meditating on the many attributes of Our Lady and the treasures God has placed within Her.
Quote 🕊”If the unhappy sinner has lost sanctifying grace, or if the Christian who is in a state of grace sees that he experiences setbacks again and again and keeps committing the same sins and errors, then the grace of a new beginning is granted to him again and again through the Immaculate Heart." ~ Fr Karl Stehlin.

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