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Mother of God -
Mary in Scripture and Tradition

Catholic theologians have frequently compared the Catholic creed to a vast Gothic Cathedral: each of its parts must be viewed and admired, not in isolation from the rest, but in the perspective of the whole structure . And we can make a similar analogy with the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, where not only every detail is outstanding but above all, its synthetic view is even more breath-taking.


The Marian dogmas of our faith are no exception to the rule. Anyone particular dogma of Our Lady (e.g. Her Immaculate Conception, her Divine Maternity) is closely bound with the whole of the Marian Creed; and the Marian Creed, in turn, is an organic part of the entire Catholic dogma from which it receives its intelligibility and on which, in turn, it throws its own light.


The book of Fr. Cyril Papali does not make the devotion of our Mother into a closer compartment of the spiritual life, isolated from the dogma. On the contrary, it draws so much of  spiritual life and light from the Marian Doctrine and in turn will strengthen our faith in Her. This book is simple but an excellent synthesis of what the Catholic dogma teaches about the Mother of God.

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