Numerous biographies of St. Maximilian Kolbe have beenwritten. Some concentrate on his heroic self-sacrifice in the Germanconcentration camp at Auschwitz while others put more emphasison his unsurpassable love for the Blessed Virgin Mary.This book not only portrays his great love for the Blessed MaryVirgin, but also includes many examples from his spirituality, hiswritings, from the prayers he composed and used, and from hispublications. Its aim, above all, is to enthuse faithful Catholics, andnon-Catholics for that matter, with a love greater than his own for“his Immaculata”, and through her and his own example, to winsouls for Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.Taken as a whole, this little book should be an essential part ofthe armoury of all Catholics who love the Blessed Virgin Mary andwho wish to assist her in the saving of souls.


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St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe

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