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"What can we do to keep our family together? An extremely daunting task, we say, even though our Lord persistently tells us that He will never abandon us. Ours is a partnership that will not fail. Yet, dare we not hope for reprieve? "A child receives everything from his father and his mother: all nourishment - bodily, intellectual, educational, moral and social.  Men generally live by following family traditions, as can be observed throughout the whole world." ~ Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, "Open Letter To Confused Catholics".  

Enthronement Of The Sacred Heart In The Home opens the way for us to solemnly receive our Lord Himself as King, and Friend. Our King comes to establish true peace in our homes; the only kind of harmony, lawfulness and order that is needed to save our families. That is why it is also highly recommend that every young couple beginning their married life should enthrone the Sacred Heart in their new home. Enthronement Of The Sacred Heart In The Home should definitely be a gift you bestow upon every newly married couple. 

Enthronement Of The Sacred Heart In The Home takes us through the entire enthronement process, from preparation and ceremony, to how to firmly establish the enthronement as a perpetual way of life. The approach is accomplished in a conscientious and steady manner, keeping in mind our personal yearnings and the fact that we are unable to do anything good without the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The enthronement, which is represented by a picture or statue of the Sacred Heart in a place of honour in the home (as on a throne), presents us with an opportunity to link the sanctuary of the Church with the sanctuary of the home.

Jesus meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine."

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