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Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour Leads Us To The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to St. Bridget that as our first parents Adam and Eve sold the world for an apple, so did She Our Blessed Mother, with Her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ, redeem the world as it were for one heart.

As we celebrate the feasts of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (June 27) and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (June 28) consecutively this year in 2019, let us contemplate on the Blessed Virgin Mary’s important role in Her unceasing maternal guidance towards the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as the Mediatress for us poor sinners.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly our only mediator of justice, having obtained our reconciliation with God by the infinite merits of His Sorrowful Passion and Death. Yet Divine Providence has willed that all graces from God necessarily should pass through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is only true the powerful intercession of Our Lady that we sinners can eventually obtain the grace of true contrition for our sins and attain salvation in the end. Before Our Crucified Lord Jesus Christ expired on the cross and before His side was pierced with a lance, He entrusted His Holy Mother Mary to St. John in the words, “Behold thy Mother.” Thus no one can be saved except through the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ and approach His Divine Heart without the prayers of Mother Mary. Her intercession and merits would obtain from God the graces we would otherwise have been

Moreover, Our Blessed Mother is the terrible conqueror of the devil and She has proven (and will continue to do so) Her power in delivering souls trapped in the snares of the devil. Cornelius a Lapide declared that in times of danger and sin, “we should all fly to the Most Blessed Virgin, who contained Christ as manna in the ark of Her womb.” St. Bonaventure stated that the raging infernal spirits “tremble at the very thought of Mary and of Her august name” and St. John Damascene echoed the importance of having recourse to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in his words, “While I keep my hope in thee unconquerable, O Mother of God, I shall be safe.” Let us always fly to the patronage of this Most Holy Mother of the true God and remain close to Her throughout our lives, so that with Her Help, we will overcome the enemy. For, as St. Bonaventure added, “men do not fear a powerful hostile army as much as the powers of hell fear the name and protection of Mary.”

Let us gaze lovingly upon the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and see how the Child Jesus seeks comfort from His Mother as He sees the instruments of His Passion, the very Passion that exemplifies the extent of His Divine love for mankind. Likewise, let us seek comfort in our Blessed Mother Mary, the Mother of Perpetual Help, as we see our own horrible sins, so that we can, with confidence, approach the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and find solace there.

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