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BOOK REVIEW - The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Book Review by Anita A. Paul

The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman "With the advent and advancement of the Pride movement and the confusion which has seeped into the world on the need for a gender and binary spectrum, now more than ever, a voice of truth and reason needs to resound in the very core of the Catholic Church. A voice that serves as an anodyne to the confusion women experience these days for their need to attempt to be more men-like, instead of man-like. Instead of God-like.  The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman teaches us about the true value of a woman's role in an egalitarian society: the equality of a woman's place in society is borne from her being created in the image of God, and not in the battle scars she bears in having to compete for equal treatment with her male counterparts.  She is God's masterpiece.  She is the "finite creature who images, imitates and represents the Infinite".  And Who better to expound this innate nature of women than the Archetype, Model and Original Pattern of all women: the Blessed Virgin Mary herself.  The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman illuminates intelligibly the great realities in the mystery of femininity through an authentic understanding of our Lady's Virginity, her Spousal character and her Motherhood.  Knowing that that the goal of every woman is to become a true image of the Immaculata, and realising that this is also a challenging time when men have to be re-educated on the nobility of women, The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman has taken the least travelled, but much needed, road in restoring the dignity of women at its rightful place, through the Immaculata."

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